Authorised taxis and VSL

Our authorised taxis and VSLs (patient transport cars) ensure seated transport for people whose health means they require slight assistance while walking and administrative assistance. An official taxi or a VSL (patient transport car) is not a medical emergency vehicle, but a vehicle designed for transporting a patient for a medical appointment, examination, treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, rehabilitation…) or to a health institution for hospitalisation.

This mode of transport is part of the T.A.P (Professional Assistance Transport).

Only transport by a VSL or an official taxi is entitled to a refund.

The transport that we offer by official taxi or VSL can only be used with a doctor’s prescription of medical transport.

To help reduce health costs, the health insurance system has requested us to prioritise car sharing for assisted medical transport; during a health trip, it may occur that we ask you to share a vehicle with another patient if the destinations correspond, while still respecting the quality of our service. Therefore, we will act responsibly and provide the lowest cost for the health insurance system.

It is possible to transport companions for the patient to consultations or hospitalisation, providing that you have informed us beforehand and that it will not interfere in the continuity of our service.