Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the required information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I have a receipt?

Yes, at the end of your journey ask your driver for a receipt, he is obliged to provide you with one.

I forgot a personal item in one of your vehicles, what should I do?

Call us without hesitation on +33 (0) 5 40 16 16 77, your driver might not be far away and can turn around. If your driver is already too far away, we will take your items back to our headquarters in Loudun. If you are unable to travel, your items can be sent by La Poste for a shipping fee.

Do you accept animals?

In regard to animals, the only ones we are obliged to accept are guide dogs.

When booking, please indicate the type of animal and we will consider the transport options.

Is it possible to smoke or eat in the car?

Eating is permitted, providing that you do not dirty the car (think about the driver who will have to clean up after you).

Smoking is prohibited. You can ask your driver for cigarette breaks.

I have a lot of baggage; will you have enough space?

All of our vehicles are large and spacious, so they are well adapted for accommodating a lot of baggage. Nevertheless, to avoid any problems, try to remember to indicate the approximate number of bags so that we can better adapt your vehicle.

What are the charges for cancellations?

All cancellations on behalf of the client need to be notified 24 hours prior to the trip. The company reserves the right to charge €10 for any unjustified cancellations. LIGNE B reserves the right to charge €10 for all cancellations justified less than 24 hours prior to the trip.

I will be arriving late; will I be charged for the delay?

No, we do not charge any supplementary fees for delays due to trains, planes or others. You are not in control of the situation.

Nevertheless, if you are able to, as soon as you have any information we would greatly appreciate a phone call on your behalf.

A Ligne B taxi dropped me off far away from the taxi rank, can it come out to pick me up from the same place for the return journey?

Yes, as soon as you have booked it, a taxi can come and pick you up no matter where you are.

What are the charges, if the driver has to wait for me?

Depending on the type of transport, waiting charges may apply. You will be informed about the amount of this charge when you book.

How should I book my transport?

Via our internet website by clicking on the following link: www.ligneb.fr/book

You can book all the types of transport that we offer at least 48 hours prior to the departure time.

For more urgent bookings, it is highly recommended to book by telephone. This way, we will be able to inform you of our availabilities and will be able to book you in directly without you needing to wait for confirmation.

Why is it necessary to book a taxi?

Taxi services in the countryside primarily operate through bookings.

Are your taxis authorised by the health insurance system?

Yes, all the Ligne B taxis are authorised by the health insurance system. Upon presentation of a medical transport prescription issued by your doctor, you will be able to benefit from complete or partial compensation for your travels.

Ligne B will be directly refunded by your insurer; you will not be required to make any advanced payments.

When and how should I pay?

You can pay our fees at the end of your journey, except for clients who have an account with our company.

We accept payments in cash or by bluecard.

How do you calculate the prices of the routes?

The prices of the routes are calculated based on the vehicle and the kilometre scale established by the prefecture every year.

The price of the route is calculated based on the distance covered or the time of the journey, if travelling at a slow speed.

The minimum charge for any route is €7,10.

A surcharge is applied from 7pm to 7am, as well as on Sundays and public holidays.

Should you trust LIGNE B?

Since 2011, LIGNE B’s know-how has been recognised. Our integrity, time-keeping and flexibility allows us to satisfy new clients every day. All of our drivers are from the local region and have an extensive knowledge of the area.